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If you had 1 day in Amsterdam

with Lisa (The Producer – Booking agent)

We are interviewing the members of our Jaz Band Amsterdam and are asking them all the same questions. This time Lisa - our Booking Office a.k.a The Producer.

Bericht Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Interview Lisa

Okay, close your eyes. Imagine you have just landed in Amsterdam. What is the first thing you would do? 


I just realized I immediately picture myself in sunny Amsterdam. Having a drink on one of the many terraces of Amsterdam is just the best thing in the world. Don’t ask me why, but I always end up at the Leidse Square. The place isn’t the most beautiful of Amsterdam, but it attracts a truly diverse crowd and I just love to watch all these folks pass by.

Rhythms Bar & Kitchen - Jaz Hotel Amsterdam

Sounds cool, but after that you must be hungry. What and where would your first meal of the day be?


Meat! Not that I am the biggest meat eater in the world but after holiday I can always go for a steak at Castell. Just the best place in town for steaks and BBQ. Around the Leidse square there are a lot of tourist traps, so it is really nice that this authentic place is so close to my favorite terrace.  

You are a local and you do local things in Amsterdam. What is your best insider tip you like to share with the guests of Jaz Amsterdam?


One of my hobbies is astronomy and in the zoo of Amsterdam, called Artis, you can find the planetarium. I hear you think, what is so special about this? Well a few times a year they host ‘sterrenkijken’ a free night where everyone is welcome to watch the stars together. That evening there are multiple events all about stars and the sky. A truly cool night. 

Jaz Hotel Amsterdam -  Sky
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam – Diner

What was your best diner experience in Amsterdam and what made it so special? 


That must be the pop-up restaurant of one of my Jaz colleagues. Together with all food loving colleagues we went to this ceviche pop-up restaurant and we loved it. It was special because it was hosted by one of our colleagues and because we went with colleagues. The food was great but the people made the event! 

At Jaz Amsterdam, all employees like to have some fun. What would be your perfect night out in Amsterdam? 


A girl may dream, so my perfect night would be a concert of James Bay in the pop temple Paradiso with my boyfriend Wouter. I don’t think he would love to go to a singer-song writer but "Hey it’s my perfect night out" (haha). Afterwards we would go to the bar "Naar de Bajes", this street art restaurant and bar is decorated as an old jail and next to amazing cocktails (so I’ve been told) they also have great alcohol free drinks. I don’t drink alcohol so this is a big plus for me. And then of course we would sleep in Jaz Amsterdam. No perfect night without Jaz. But actually not for the night but for the morning after with the amazing breakfast. I love it!

Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Night out
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