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Stefan Schär,

a.k.a The Band Leader
General Manager @ Jaz Stuttgart

Hands on!

Anyone who associates Switzerland with alpine stillness and neutral restraint has not met our Stuttgart band leader. Our Stefan starts the day with so much power that his Swiss roots are only revealed now and again through his slight accent. Where this energy comes from - whether it's his breakfast muesli or his love of acid jazz - we'll probably never know. The fact is, in private, you're more likely to meet Stefan in full gear on his mountain bike or, with somewhat less protection, on the rugby pitch, than meditatively polishing his Swiss army knife. It's no wonder therefore that at Jaz too, he likes to choose the off-road routes and in doing so, as fullback, always ensures that his band is on the right playing field.

In short, Stefan is the personification of a drop-kick (rugby fans will know what we're talking about): in the premier league, in terms of technique, and a three-point advantage for the whole team!