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Sigurd Kern,

a.k.a. Mr. Standard
Senior Director of Construction, Interior Design & Engineering

A power nap in one of our king-size beds provides a whole new lease of life. The (low energy) lighting in the restaurant sets off a smile perfectly, and even George Clooney would be prepared to get up a few minutes earlier for a coffee from our barista machine. Just how does Jaz do it, you ask?

If it was easy to get hold of our eminent authority on such matters, there is no doubt he would be able to provide us with a highly scientific explanation. As it is, we will have to satisfy ourselves with a simpler version. It all comes down to standards, experience and quality. Did we mention standards?

It is certainly reassuring that Sigurd himself is anything other than middling. Who would have thought that our Director of Construction, Interior Design & Engineering secretly enjoys grooving to a bit of soul music in his office before roaring away into the sunset on his Harley?