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Ralf Denke,

a.k.a. Mr. 22.0
Vice President of E-Business

Unlike Mr. Standard, Ralf is available on his mobile devices right around the clock. Rumour has it that, even if he were to be the first Head of E-Commerce in space, he would still be looking to secure the very best network and Wi-Fi coverage. All joking aside, Ralf is our mastermind when it comes to digital innovation. Perhaps you don’t think that Ralf resembles a computer nerd at first sight? Just wait until he starts going on about the invisible technical gadgets used on the homepage. But this is why we love him. We also love his reliable wine tips (obviously everything can be ordered online).

With so much digitalisation in evidence, who would have thought that Ralf would not be prepared to fly into space without his vinyl records and his yoga mat? As you can see, the cosmos inhabited by our Mr. 22.0 contains an element of analogue life after all.