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Marjolein Bruschke,

a.k.a The Band Leader
General Manager @ Jaz Amsterdam

„Forget all your clichés“

There are no better words to describe Marjolein than those of her favourite artist, who hails from France. Or were you basically imagining a human sliderule? Far from it, and that's why we add an endless amount of high spirits, multiply the whole thing by the coolness factor of many years’ stage experience and there we have the result: a band that's perfectly in rhythm.

And what's the catch, you might be asking yourself? There isn't one! Just one small weakness: chocolate...

...and shopping (we'd better leave the maths to Marjolein). It's no wonder that she'd rather turn a blind eye at home and leave the management of the kitchen to her husband. And rightly so, she deserves a bit of laziness, with her daily performance!