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Green & purple we've come full circle

Leaving old-school colour theory aside, we’re putting our full focus on our purple commitment to the green sector. And specifically, onto our Green Meeting concept, which is also the emotional realisation and logical follow-on from our jazy good-life philosophy. The idea behind it: to combine the useful with the good.




One Meeting, One Planet,
One Chance.

No matter what your meeting is about (the most creative creations or huge returns) we guarantee you at least one positive outcome: a lean ecological footprint. It suits everyone, it’s included in every meeting package and consists of the following:

  • CO² compensation with our partner atmosfair
    How exactly does it work? Through the support of CDM Gold certified climate protection programmes. Small contribution, big impact.

  • Sustainable resource management
    Less is more. Initiative for less paper (of FSC quality), less (recycled) plastic, less water (more wine), fewer pollutants (more nutrients), less waste (properly separated) and less energy consumption (from sustainable sources at Germany and Austria).

  • Local DNA at Its Best
    Not only in design but also in the kitchen. Seasonal products ensure variety, healthy meals and short transport routes. Sustainable and Fairtrade products also have a big part to play in this, of course.

  • Environmentally friendly arrival and departure with our partner Deutsche Bahn
    Save up to 58% on the regular price with the Organiser Ticket. 100% green electricity and environmental friendliness included.
Jaz in the City Green Meeting