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Carbon-neutral and affordable to the event:


In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, Jaz in the City offers you an environmentally friendly travel arrangement at an attractive price to your convention or business meeting – and back. You can safe up to 58% of the regular fare – depending on your route and booking class.


You have the opportunity to arrive and leave from any DB train station in a sustainable way. Make travel time to your time – use it for working, relaxing or enjoying – 100% sustainable. 


Brand new: A city ticket is included in every event ticket, therefore you can take the public transport at the departure as well as the destination station in more than 120 cities. Even in the european foreign countries you have the opportunity to travel at this conditions.


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If you have any technical questions regarding the booking process, simply call +49 (0)1806 – 99 66 44. Our technical hotline is open every day from 8am - 9pm. Calls cost EUR 0.20 from a German landline, and max. EUR 0.60 per call from a mobile network.