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Udo Merting,

a.k.a. Mr. Moneymaker
Managing Director of Jaz Hotel GmbH and Senior Director Controlling & Reporting

Were there ever to be a series entitled “Mr. Moneymaker”, our view is that Udo would be the prime candidate for the leading male role. To put it in a nutshell, he is the ultimate boss when it comes to budget overruns of any kind. He can turn out highly effective reports at the push of a button regardless of whether he is looking at positive RevPAR developments or excessive coffee consumption at Head Office. It goes without saying that everything he produces is in PDF format. After all, print versions are so last season. (By the way, did you know that one sheet of recycled paper costs 0.00638 cents?) It’s also good to know that Mr. Moneymaker is a warm and caring person as well as having a head for figures. He certainly takes care of his team, including the office Labrador Stash. Other interests include giving professional cookery tips, complete with wine recommendations of course.