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The Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr Amar G. Bose, then a professor of Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, the company is known mainly for its research in the area of acoustics, which has fostered innovations that have improved the performance of numerous components and systems.


Bose® Professional is a dedicated team of engineers, product managers, technical support professionals and customer service experts who all specialise in the professional audio solutions market. Bose’s Professional division has been developing innovative speakers, electronic components and software for demanding, professional applications for more than three decades. »

Geplan Design

Jaz in the city feat. Geplan Design Interior Architecture


“Music is life. That´s why our hearts have beats.” And our heart beats passionately for Jaz.


The hit album ‚Jaz‘ conquers the hotel charts – the next one is already on the run in our Stuttgart studio.


Light, texture and passion are our components for the Jaz design Soundtrack, and you just can’t help but sing along. With every further Jaz we piggyback another verse to the song.


We are not bound to a single genre but rather let ourselves be carried away by other beats. Just as no two songs are alike so are all our projects unique and extraordinary. With much blood, sweat and tears our team of interior architects reinvents hotel, gastronomy and spa worlds every day.


Jaz in the City is a superstar and we are all geared up to tour the world together! »


Those people from the Rhön region must be pulling a fast one! As if! We are at home in a place where others go on holiday – in the Rhön Biosphere reserve. And what is our favourite pastime at home? That's right, brewing fizzy drinks. We, the mother of all organic fizzy drinks, can do it like no one else. Because our BIONADE is not only less sweet and especially refreshing but also 100% organic. Well, we at BIONADE not only have green fingers but also a green palate!


BIONADE. Refreshingly different. »

Daniel Baldus Photography

Not that we would in all seriousness believe in fateful encounters, but the story behind our first photo shoot with Daniel definitively has something to do with good karma. Don't worry, we won't bore you with excessive background information, but so much has been said. With his enthusiasm for natural lighting conditions and a perfect eye for genuinely emotional moments (not to mention his weakness for expressive appearances on the dance floor), Daniel is the photographic personification of the Jaz philosophy and therefore, from day one, a member of the family. The same of course applies for Peach, Daniel's top model, best camera assistant ever and exemplary bulldog.


Proof needed? Take a look at Daniel's website and join us in looking forward to all that is still to come our way. »


Teaming up with the most revolutionary startup in the hotel sector (in our opinion) is not only the next logical step in our inner rebel existence (Che Guevara would have been proud of us) but also based on two significant things we have in common:

  • What we like about hotelbird and Jaz: Inspektor Gadget
  • What we don't like: long queues at sugar-free supermarket tills and/or at hotel receptions in general.

This is how happy with are with our jointly developed Jaz app, mobile check-in terminal, digital room key and highly secure online payment tool in one! At once progressive, nerdy and time-saving!

Still got questions? No? Then we will proudly (and still happily) close with the words of Juan A. Sanmiguel, CEO of hotelbird: "The feedback from guests at Jaz Amsterdam is exceptional. We are delighted to be at the forefront of digitisation in the hotel sector with Deutsche Hospitality and to create a unique travel experience for hotel guests together." – Juan A. Sanmiguel, CEO »

Vision Acoustics

It’s obvious that the Netherlands is famous for its delicious cheese, stroopwafels and excellent DJs. But – just between us – there are other things swinging across the border. At the forefront: Vision Acoustics, who in the truest sense of the word not only provide good vibrations beyond borders, but are always close to the holy grail of perfect sound.

Their official mission?  Perfecting the third dimension – the message – between artist and audience.
Their secret weapon: unique speaker design (technical, nerdy and sexy – in their words – at the same time).

Want a have a listen? Just come in for a good dose of Holy Sound; it’s worth it! Move-to-the-beat guarantee included (even if you’re no good at dancing).

Sound good? Of course! By the way, it’s not just us. Artists like Nicky Romero and Deniz Koyu (#namedropping) rely on Vision Acoustic sound systems in their studios. »