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Winter 2020

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Jaz Vienna

Windmühlgasse 28

1060 Vienna


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Anyone who assumes Vienna only has Schnitzel, old school and super high calorie cake to offer needs to convince themselves of the contrary as soon as possible. In addition to the omnipresent Viennese charm, you can expect a lot of authentic street culture, an ambitious art and bar scene, as well as an ever-optimistic, electronic beat.


Always locally integrated, never adjusted. Unpretentious and proud at the same time. Neighborly love, beat and creativity: the Jaz Vienna lives from its unique design, a locally established bar culture and a vinyly club atmosphere.


+++ Jaz Vienna +++ Coming soon +++ Winter 2020

We offer 165 hotel rooms (with royal beds and a modern design). We celebrate our Do-Not-Disturb rehearsal rooms (for music aficionados of all genres) and multifunctional meeting facilities (keyword: work-life-party-balance). Music is not just our, we also play it live every day (on the daily music programme & in our in-house record store).


+++ Rhythms Bar & Kitchen +++ Cooking soon +++ Winter 2020

We cook with a passion (and natural ingredients). We are always down for a drink or a coffee. We can be the life of the party and chill chameleons at the same time (club atmosphere meets romance with a view). We love music!


Jaz Vienna: support your local district

Bohemian and down-to-earth at the same time, rough, edgy and with a perfect mix of a locally celebrated club, bar and café scene. Centrally located between the quarter’s very own “Naschmarkt” (#foodporn) and the shopping streets (#tillyoudrop) of the 1st district.


More to follow. Much more to see. Come over!