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Stuttgart in Autumn

When the leaves FALL down

Let’s face it. It’s Fall! The most colorful season of the year has just begun.

In Stuttgart, most of the trees and woods were still green for a long time.
But now the city is blooming colorfully.
We have checked the situation and have some hot tips for you.


There’s a big exhibition of pumpkins at the Blühendes Barock, located directly at the castle of Ludwigsburg. This year the main topic is music! Well as we’re built by music of course we have to check this for you guys! Whether Elvis, Beethoven or a huge DJ.
Very cool motifs and sculptures created from simple pumpkins.

Another highlight is the big weighing of the pumpkins. Breeders from all over Germany come here to take part in the competition of the heaviest pumpkin. Some of them weigh more than 700 kg.

Hungry? No worries! There are some delicious temptations all around. Enjoy some food classics like burger, crepes or even some roasted seeds at the food stands.
Our favorite: fresh waffles with pumpkin flavor. Tasty!

More entertainment?
There are some professional carvers they carve faces into the fruits. The exhibition runs until 6th of December and there’re some special days celebrating topics like Thanksgiving or the Saint Nicholas Day. The entrance fee is about 10€ and it’s definitely great possibility to get out and collect some impressions.
And of course they have a good hygiene concept over there.

Would you prefer to stay in the city center? We thought about that too. There are a few things to discover.
Jump in your car or catch the bus to Untertürkheim to have a walk to the Grabkapelle.
From there you have a great view of the city. Choose this place to begin a hike throw the beautiful vineyards. Another alternative is the Schlossgarten. On your way from Rosensteinpark to the castle you’ll pass a few colorful trees. I’m sure you can feel the autumnal air.