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Music and culture via the internet

That's not the 2020 we've expected: #socialdistancing is key, most events are cancelled and most of us are probably currently working from home.


Even though it's really hard, the best thing to do is the stay at home.


However, no need to be down, there are a lot of other opportunities to stay connected and visit places digitally! We'd like to introduce you to the best of alternatives at our hotel locations Stuttgart, Amsterdam and worldwide! And the best thing is: You don't even have to leave your couch. 

Stuttgart's virtual experiences


The "Urban Beauties" exhibition opening in Stuttgart's Stadtpalais was canceled, but it is being live streamed and the "Exhibition at the Gähkopf" can be visited from home: Here is a virtual tour:


Off to the opera? This is now also possible online, the Stuttgart Opera also plays virtually for you. Every week there is a different live recorded opera, this week is "Die Liebe zu drei Orangen":

You wanna be a bit more active? A Stuttgart Yoga Studio now is offering classes via Facebook or Instagram and there are virtual craft beer tastings: They'll mail you the beers and y'all taste them together via live stream. A creative way out of the boredom, right?

Amsterdam 360 degrees


You wanted to visit Amsterdam, or maybe you just miss taking a walk through the city but the Corona virus thwarted your efforts? Then get a taste of the city in a virtual 360 degree tour of the streets, beach and flower fields and learn more about the topics:


At 360 Stories you can even find museums like the Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh Museum, which is also very high on the list for visitors: or

Feel the social media beat


Even though your favorite band or your Number One artist has canceled their concerts - now many play live on Instagram or YouTube. For example Coldplay or John Legend already played a concert to your living room and the Rolling Stone-mag has well-known artists at the start for its "In my Room" living room concert series.
Just take a look at the social media channels of your favorites, maybe there is also a little concert?


Our Jaz in the City DJs and artists definitely want to entertain you and we certainly won't leave you behind, so next Saturday we'll have the first Live Brunch session on our Instagram page via Instagram Live! Don't miss it on Saturday, March 28 at 11.15 am!


Otherwise, have a look at our Jaz in the City-Mixcloud page, everyone will surely find the right beat for their home office, spring cleaning or chilling out at home.

Stay. Tuned. and above all: Stay Healthy!