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Why you should go to Stuttgart in 2020

The new year has started and we’re stoked for 2020! There are more than enough reasons to visit Stuttgart this year, and so is visiting Jaz in the City. We put together some hot dates so you won’t miss a thing! Go and mark them red in your calendar right now!

Feel the 2020 beat

This year is gonna be THE concert year in Stuttgart. We've never had so many rock acts before: Slipknot kicks off the concert year in February, German bands like “Die Ärzte” and “Rammstein” are so excited, they even scheduled extra concerts in June. 

In mid-July the Ed Force One will land in Stuttgart with Iron Maiden, just after KISS is pregaming with y'all at their concert a week earlier. Another highlight is the jazzopen festival, and besides the crème de la crème in jazz music there will also be top acts on stage like Yusuf/Cat Stevens feat. Van Morrison, sexiest man alive John Legend and (hopefully this time) Sting. Want to get in the mood? We do not only have special rates, but a whole jazz photo wall of fame at our Rhythms Bar & Kitchen with the acts from the previous year! 

Sport events of the year

Also this year we’ll play ball at the MercedesCup in Stuttgart. In the beginning of June the world's top tennis players are in the neighborhood for one of the biggest tennis tournaments. Tip: As partner hotel we have some special offers for you in store!

Continuing with some girl power, the Porsche Grand Prix tennis tournament will take place in April and the horse enthusiasts amongst us will get their sporty share at the German Masters in November. And in between? Right, the European soccer championship in June! Are y'all ready to watch it together at Jaz in the City?

Beer before wine and you'll feel fine!

A highlight in Stuttgart the locals fests, and since we're in the wine hills with a brewing tradition they all contain beer and wine! 

The spring beer fest “Frühlingsfest” is still an insider tip and it's even bigger than the Munich fest: Beer tents, roller coasters and our local outfits are on top of the to-do-list from April 18 until May 1. During summer there is a wine village from local vineyards, urban street fests in every part of stuttgart, and even the Hamburg fish market (yes, really). The festival season isn't completed without our own Oktoberfest, which is starting at the - surprisingly - end of September. And that's not it: The Christmas market 2020 starts on November 25. 

Jaz in the City presents...

Last but not least, the proverbial cherry on the cake: Our event series by locals for locals and guests alike. How about an after work session, for example? Where? Every Wednesday at our Wolfram Bar & Terrace. Of course with changing specials and acts to honor all friends of the bar and all disciples of our sophisticated drinking culture.

On March 14th, there's the third long night of the hotel bars at Rhythms Bar & Terrace! Slightly too much party? Our Breakfast Encore with live music every Sunday might just be the right thing for you.

Want more? End of May will be our epic terrace opening, this time with a Latin touch. We're already looking forward to our comfy day beds with a view and are busy planning a lot more events! 

Follow us on Facebook to be the first one to know... Stay. Tuned. 2020 is gonna be awesome.