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Of Devils and Details

The jazy World Class Cocktail

At Jaz Stuttgart there’s a super fancy and cozy bar called “Wolfram Bar & Terrace”.

Here’s where our “mixologists” work their magic for everyone and create creative, delicious and crazy cocktails, which even have been nominated for awards.

article Our Wolfram Bar
Kai Runge at Wolfram bar
Our Mixologists

Kai Runge is one of the Master Mixer. He joined our team last year and gives our guests purple moments with his drinks, mix knowledge and preparation.


Did you hear about our new cocktail menu? Kai and our  team created super special cocktails like “Big in Japan” with Sake Gin or “Troy” with GINSTR and thyme liqueur.


Last year Kai was elected one of the best barkeepers in Germany at “World Class”, probably the most important cocktail competition in the world.

The World Class competition

But what’s the World Class competition exactly? Since 2009 Diageo invites bartender talents from more than 60 countries to show their skills and creativity - the crème de la crème of cocktail art.


But the World Class is more than a competition! It’s a community and it is about connecting, sharing experiences and friendship. For example there are guest bartender shifts at other bars which is why Kai was at “Schwarzes Schaf” in Bamberg, the bar of the World Class Winner 2017, Sven Goller.


And guess what? Our bartender Kai reached this year’s World Class semi-finals with his drink “Of Devils and Details”!

World Class cocktails
Of Devils and Details

Tadaa - we proudly present the nominated Cocktail for the 2019 competition:


In “Of Devils and Details” Bulleit Rye Whiskey meets chamomile-Vermouth and dark Pumpernickel-Bread.

All combined with fruity pineapple, Tasmanian pepper and a foam of chamomile-absinth-essence on top.


The cocktail tastes intense, straight and at the same time fruity and floral.

Behind the scenes

So how do you create such an awesome drink?
It’s a real craft: All ingredients are homemade which means accurate work and a lot of experience are absolutely essential.


It can be said that 5°C degrees more, 2 min longer or 1g too much is usually enough to kill the aroma, to bring a drink out of balance or to destroy a  foam. The Devil is literally in the details. How it is done, you can see in this video.


You want to try the cocktail? Well, come over in the next two weeks, it’s available at Wolfram Bar & Terrace.

Creating a World Class Cocktails