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Wake-up call Stuttgart style

Jaz Amsterdam turned up the volume for their epic Wake Up Call with Djane Sheryll Lynn, but Stuttgart gets a bit more calm & cozy.

Big question: How do you wake up in the swabian capital? Find out in our Stuttgart style wake-up call video!


Imagine that you're lying in a comfortable box spring bed. The light is flooding your hotel room and the white, swanky furniture is shining bright. Yes, we’re well aware of “bed gravity”. The feeling you never ever want to get up again and just lounge all day long. 


Unless there was a certain duty calling. Something like your job (work hard, play hard) or the inner FOMO that drives you to be an early bird. There’s no way around your alarm clock.

That’s why you booked a wake-up call at Jaz Stuttgart, just in case. 

Expectation: An annoying voice that recites a standardized sentence, to motivate you big time to get up, be your best self today and have real social interaction.


Reality: The absolute opposite!! Convince yourself and watch this video! We found the master of the Wake up calls: Marvin Kneefel. Even the judges of “The voice of Holland” were amazed when he performed by the way…

His strong, yet smooth voice softly wakes you up, gets you in the mood and subtly gets you out of your dream land. We all know the “Just one more minute” feeling. You toss and turn around time and time again until... oops, you overslept! 


One wake-up call can become two or three


Nope, not gonna happen this time. We know you well enough and we'll stay persistent. 

Until you're actually fully awake and READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD. Okay, coffee first (thank goodness there's a Lavazza coffee machine in every room). But afterwards you're ready to rumble! 


So get out of your bed and book your epic wake-up call at Jaz Stuttgart! 

Stay Tuned for the next wake-up call at the brand new Jaz Vienna. We guarantee a perfect start to the day (with or without Vienna Melange).


Watch the video here