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We proudly present: Japas!

Our Jaz style Tapas at Rhythms Bar & Kitchen

What are Japas?

We created signature tapas dishes jazy style. These small dishes are there to share with your friends and family! You can also eat them all by yourself. We won't tell anyone.

article Jaz style Tapas at Jaz
Our signature Japas at Rhythms

Maybe you're not that hungry for a main dish or hangry already and need an appetizer before your steak, burger or Green Days. Grab a plate while having a wine from our selection and listening to DJ tunes or live music. Go check out our menu to see all the yummy dishes we serve.


Back to the topic: We launched Japas at Rhythms Bar & Kitchen in Stuttgart November last year and recently pimped up our menu with new yummy stuff. We mainly use regional & seasonal ingredients like meat and veggies, therefore our food is always freshly served for you!

So, what's so special about our Japas? Well, you don't have to hop on a plane or visit various restaurants - this menu is basically a culinary world trip already. Our dishes come from different cuisines such as the Swabian, Asian or Mediterranean one.


First up is the Starting Platter: This variation of fish cake, pimientos de padrón & cherry tomatoes plus beef & snow peas is enough for two people, for sure!


The Starting Platter wouldn't be complete without bacon wrapped potato, salami finocchiona and fresh bread. The perfect start for your dinner - because sharing is caring!

Best of our jaz japas
Details of our Japas

And there's even more Japas! We recommend our delicious lamb curry - super tasty and you won't fall in a food coma after! What’s good, because then there’s still room for more.


As well as the local lentil and Swabian noodle salad! You can also try the catch of the day with a wakame salad. We have tasty teriyaki prawns as well. Try whatever you prefer, it’s your decision; even though it’s not an easy one.


For the veggie fans and vegans out there, we offer a red beet salad, rosemary-mushrooms, a super healthy street food salad and a lot more..
So, try it out yourself in our restaurant.

Our tip: Check out the music programme before, we often have a DJ or live music at Rhythms Bar & Kitchen.


Wanna see how it looks when you share Japas with your friends?


Check out this video