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Meet & Greet with the Jaz Stuttgart DJs

Feel the local beat at JazAt both Jaz Amsterdam and Stuttgart, we have a bunch of top DJs for an unique live experience programme at our Rhythms Bar & Kitchen.


Just sitting there eating is so yesterday, at Jaz you get live beats served with your dinner! We have special DJs in house that we would like to introduce to you. Let’s start with our hotel baby, Jaz Stuttgart

article Jaz Stuttgart DJs interviews
Jaz Stuttgart DJ Tobi Grimm

If you think Stuttgart is just 90ies rap, you’re wrong. The vibe of the city varies from R’n’B to house music. We have the perfect tune makers for it and proudly introduce our resident DJs Tobi Grimm and The Ruukie, who are not your usual lifestyle DJs. They know the sound of Jaz! We interviewed and asked them how and why they became "jazy" DJs and other things we always wanted to know.


Tobi Grimm plays on the turntable in his spare time – or as a side gig in the case of Jaz Stuttgart. He brings the bacon home – literally – as a professional chef, where he used to work at hotels as well. Now he’s setting the mood during dinners at Rhythms Bar & Kitchen with fresh beats instead of dishes. His specialty is House and Electro music.


Tobi, what song would you connect with Jaz?

I always have to think of “Purple Rain” by Prince.


Tell us how you became a DJ.

It all started at private parties, especially in the early hours of the next morning after clubbing. My first gig was in a planetarium, where they did live light effects to the music I played, which was a great experience. Other gigs like at Stuttgart clubs like Finca and Holzapfel followed and some open air festivals. I also get booked a lot by companies. Electronic music is everywhere…


What inspired you to become a DJ?

My passion for music. I want people to feel the same thing if they listen to my music.


What's the worst song request you've ever had?

“Do you have something from Helene Fischer?” (German Schlager singer)


If you could only listen to one song, which one would it be?

The Soundtrack from Cast Away: Alain Silvestre – End Track

Jaz Stuttgart DJ Tobi Grimm portrait
Jaz Stuttgart DJ the ruukie playing

If you've been to Rhythms Bar & Kitchen at Jaz Stuttgart before, you might know The Ruukie. He’s a multi-talent that works as a Food Entertainer in our restaurant. He loves his work place, since he spends some of his days behind the DJ desk as The Ruukie and serves you fresh House, Latin and Old School tracks instead of your lunch or dinner.


Hey Ruukie, what made you become a DJ?
It started in 1994 with my neighbor, who is also DJ and lent me his old record player and a record. Back then I was already interested in hip-hop and the whole scene - he showed me everything and I was allowed to accompany him to the club where he was DJing. At some point I started DJing. That's how my passion started. Eventually I bought my own record player and became a DJ myself.

If Jaz had a soundtrack, what would be the three songs?
That would be a mix of R’n’B/Soul like A Jah - Lingala and Jeff Bernat - Hypnotized but also German rap with House Brand - Girl No 1


What was your worst music wish so far?
At a Hip Hop party someone actually came up to me and said, "I do not know what the group is called but can you play I'm blue dabedi dabeda?"


Which musician inspired you the most?
Teddy Riley of Blackstreet, he started New Jack Swing, the first form of R'n'B. Since he was technically also a producer, he is a role model for me both as a musician and as a producer.


If only you could hear a song in your life, what would that be?

I love music, that would be really hard for me (laughs) ...difficult. There was a song I had recorded on both sides of the tape back then when we still had Walkman - Monica with "Ain’t nobody". I heard that track all the time.

Jaz Stuttgart DJ the ruukie

What is the music style that best describes Stuttgart?

I think the roots of German breakdance and hip hop are in Stuttgart. For me, it still represents Hip Hop music like Fanta 4, Freundeskreis or the Stiva Twins.


Which song do you associate with Jaz Stuttgart?
Neo Soul like Eric Roberson - Rock with U because it combines soul, hip-hop and jazz music and the music encourages me to calm down and chill out. The hip-hop part is like the casual lifestyle of the hotel, where you get to work with sneakers and talk casually to colleagues and guests. Neo Soul has exactly these components. You also need soul for work - because without soul and passion you're not good at your job.

Jaz Stuttgart DJ turntables