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Design in the City

We are not the ones to boast, but our Jaz in the City Stuttgart is a whole piece of art. Needless to say that we often hear a surprised “wow” when guests enter the lobby of our design hotel – and that’s the way we like it! The creative interior architects from GEPLAN really did a great job playing with local design elements and details: Porsche leather seats, the reception shaped like a Mercedes star, a huge colorful couch reflecting the local melting-pot. And the story continues in the rooms and the restaurant. Just come in and get a whole local design experience!

article Painting by Jordi at Jaz Stuttgart
Jordis customized art 

There’s always a lot to see here a Jaz. For example, our rotating art exhibitions. And right now we’ve got Jordi in the house.

The Swiss artists created some jazy paintings with a lot of local DNA. Like with the Stuttgart palace or our beautiful opera or his own version of the Porsche logo: Benztown in one picture! You have to see it yourself, because as you know a picture is worth a thousand words.

Jordis Stuttgart paintings in our hotel
Jaz painting by Jordi

And it gets even better, in our conference area there are two Jaz pictures which Jordi made especially for us! He customizes his art according to the location or the customer.


Everyone, (yes, also you) can pick a favourite motive, like your number one whisky or wine brand, and Jordi creates a unique painting inspired by it. We also show off some alcohol inspired paintings, which of course fit in perfectly to our Wolfram Bar & Terrace!

Drinks, Art and Music combined is the best way to get into the jazy feeling!

Survival plants

Do you always forget to water your plants? Welcome to the club! Probably two brothers from Amsterdam had the same problem, that’s why they founded the brand “Spruitje”, Dutch for little sprouts. Their products are bottled room plants. But that’s not everything: They created self-sufficient micro systems after figuring out the right combination of plants and moss to create a world of self-regulating raw nature.

Spruitje plants at Jaz Stuttgart
Spruitje plants in our lobby

How does it work? Okay, nerdy glasses on: The LED lamps are not only lightening up your apartment, they are keeping them warm, so the water condensates, produces rain and you almost never have to water your plants again. A small little world, that’s genius, right? It’s not only decoration for our restaurant and lobby, but super sustainable.


We also have Spruitjesin our Amsterdam hotel, you can spot them in the pop up store located in the lobby and in some of the suites.

Want to see more art & design in the hotels?

Visit us from September on (again). A little fashion exhibition is expecting you at our Art & Fashion area at Rhythms Bar & Kitchen in Stuttgart! 

Or check out the Art Wall in the lobby in our Amsterdam hotel. There are also always different exhibitions with cool paintings! Stay tuned on our Instagram & Facebook channels.