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4 insider tips for your trip to Stuttgart!

Stuttgart is the city of Swabian dreams. The TV tower, the Mercedes-Benz logo and the Schlossplatz are already iconic.

There are a couple of cafés, bars and hidden treasures in the midst of the city’s madness, just waiting to be discovered.

That’s why – in typical jazy fashion - we’re presenting you 4 of our best Stuttgart insider tips, so you can have the full 0711 effect when you're going on a trip to Stuttgart.

tip Jaz Hotel Stuttgart - Mercedes Benz Logo
Jaz Hotel Stuttgart - Le petit coq

No. 1: Le petit coq


Retro still sounds awesome – this one is for all of you retro lovers out there! „Le petit coq“ serves fancy drinks in a relaxed environment that looks like it's directly from the 1930s and 40s.

You'll find classic drinks on the menu, uniquely created cocktails & the best tailor made liquor for a vintage night.


Foto Credit: Wolfgang Simm

No. 2: Markthalle Stuttgart

Especially as a non-local, you would pass this gem. The market hall in Stuttgart is hidden between Charlottenplatz and Rathaus and not only for foodies the place to be: here you have different stands with different delicatessen, Restaurants and (flower) stores.

Treat yourself, have a break and try different tasty food in this historical building! 


Foto Credit: Stuttgart Marketing

Jaz Hotel Stuttgart insider tips - Markthalle
Jaz Hotel Stuttgart - Ratzer Records

No. 3: Ratzer Records


Vinyl is dead. Long live Vinyl! If you didn't know it yet – Vinyl is back! The Vinyl store "Ratzer Records" has a huge assortment of CDs, Vinyl and snacks and is run by the two most iconic citizens of Stuttgart.

Karl-Heinz & his wife Brigitte Ratzer have been the owners of this record store for about 30 years with no end in sight, because Vinyl just keeps on spinning like the globe.

No. 4: Lon Rockstar Photogallery


Nobody has more talent than Duncan Smith, when it comes to presenting the greatest musicians of our time. He created the "Lon Rockstar Photogallery", a place somewhere between Punk & the Buckingham Palace.


His black and white photography documents decades of music history and presents it in an authentic, honest and touching way. The emotional scale ranges from intimate moments to thrilling pathos. All in just one frame. 

Jaz Hotel Stuttgart - Lon Rockstar Photogallery