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The situation is currently tough, especially for self-employed musicians: All concerts have been canceled, clubs and concert locations are closed, there are no gigs right now. Ergo no money, therefore difficult to pay off your bills. No music, no money, no love.

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Lady Gaga Live stream screenshot

But stop! We are in the year 2020 and there is nothing that we cannot do digitally! A few clever minds figured out how you can help musicians and other artists. The result is something like Lady Gaga's "One World Concert"; in which various famous artists like Elton John or Paul McCartney performed and collected money for the WHO organization.

Did you miss the concert? Here are the performances from April 18 again. In addition, there are regular "Together at Home" living room concerts by your favorite artists at the "Global Citizen" organization!

But you can also go more local:

The project "United we stream" exists in several cities and regions, for example to support the Stuttgart DJ and club scene. On Facebook live streams, you can easily hear your favorite DJs and bands and donate if you like. You are not really into the Stuttgart scene? There are also Berlin or Vienna DJs and many more...

The craft brewery "Kraftpaule" in Stuttgart east also had a great idea: Not only are there regular streams and bands like Facebook, artists and burlesque dancers are also supported! Enjoy a great live show and support the locals.

United we stream Screenshot
Live streams in Amsterdam

The same thing is going on at our other Jaz in the City location Amsterdam: The clubs closed, there are no concerts right now and above all the huge world-famous festivals!

And of course the Dutch find a way to celebrate anyway, because they just stream their festivals. "Koningsdag", basically the highest holiday and birthday of King Willem Alexander, was simply renamed "Woningsdag" and celebrated with live music on TV at home.

And streams will continue, for example the well-known Club Paradiso, smaller music locations like Pllek and those who like it classic: The concert hall "Concertgebouw" in Amsterdam is now streaming its performances live for free on Facebook!

At Jaz in the City we also want to share the best music with you and have asked our Amsterdam artists to sing from home and share it with you via Instagram Live: Listen every Sunday at 11:15 am! You've missed it? No worries, the past concerts are on our social media channels.


We hope that these streams will be a small replacement, that artists will still be helped and, of course, we will have great concerts, stunning performances and awesome festivals again when this is all over!

Jaz in the City live sessions