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Music to fight the stay-in-blues

It's day whatever of social distancing and you're most likely at home wondering why you're bored out of your mind. Staring at your social feed is making you realize that most people are also staying at home. So what now? Explore the internet? Seems a bit scary if you don't know what you're looking for. To put it poetically, the internet is a VAST landscape that one can get lost in. 


Have no fear! Jaz in the City is here! We made a short music themed list of things you can do or listen to at home. So get ready to kick boredom in the rear and enjoy the list!


The first thing on our list is a Youtube channel that blew up over the years. If you like chill music that can be played in the background while you clean, study, read or work from home, you should listen to ChilledCow's stream. You can listen to their lofi hip hop sounds on a streaming service of your choice!

What's that? You want to MAKE music? Don't know how to play anything but still have a knack for music? You should try AudioTool. With this you can produce songs while you're on your couch, or balcony, even on your bed! Now go forth and make that beat you've always wanted to make!

If you'd like to listen to good music AND discover artists then you need to take a gander at Colors. You can listen to music from artists of different backgrounds, countries and genres! Famous artists like Billie Eilish, Doja Cat and even Skepta have added a minimalistic yet colorful performance to the channel.

Last but not least on the list is our Mixcloud! We've been busy with releasing a mixcloud mix every week for a while now, so you have a choice of over 80 mixes for you to choose from! They are made by our DJs that perform in Rhythms Bar & Kitchen!

What other musically themed things are you doing at home? Are you learning an instrument? Picking up that dusty guitar? Listening to an artist you haven't heard in a while? Let us know! We always want to learn more about music!