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Album Recommendations

Give these a try!

We always listen to music, but lately we've been listening to a TON of music. Below are some recommendations we have for you if you want to try some different sounds.


Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

We are starting this album recommendation list with the brand spankin’ new pop album from Dua Lipa. She figured out a way to give us a new sound while tipping her hat to other pop artists' sounds. There are some songs that sound like Madonna, and others have hints of Spice Girls all without saying they are copying them outright. We can recommend most songs on this crisp album that sounds like a mint condition shelby cobra of pop music.

The Weeknd - After Hours


Taking a look at the "dark" side of R&B with The Weeknd’s drug-y depressive brand, we can see that he is trying something different. This album contains a lot of 80s inspired songs that highlight this transition The Weeknd is making. The first two songs are a little heavy but the rest of the album is definitely worth a listen with all the synth and Micheal Jackson vibes.

HMLTD - West of Eden


If you are into punk music you need to listen to this. This is a debut full length album of a London based band. They have mixed in a lot of different styles of music into their sound (like trap and new wave, woah). There is a lot of social commentary throughout the album but that's punk music. Take a listen to "To the Door" and experience the positively shocking transitions that highlight the range you can find in this album.

Denzel Curry X Kenny Beats - Unlocked


This is a short and sweet album if you are into American hip hop. The album is a little random but in an artful way. It's good hyped up music and there's a lot of modern day references. Denzel references Thanos, video games and he even says, "And I don’t like Pixar". For that line Denzel needs to watch "Inside Out" and get in touch with his feelings a little better.

Stormzy - Heavy is the Head


If you didn't know Stormzy is a UK based rapper that writes from the heart. This is the latest LP from Stormzy that features Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy. Stormzy got famous with his grime sound but is now making waves with other genres and collaborations. With this album he highlights his struggle between flaunting his new found fame and being honest while keeping his sound genuine. This album also contains a good amount of hype inducing songs that can pump you up!

Mac Miller - Circles

This album was originally meant to be a companion album to "Swimming" (get it? Swimming in Circles). The late Mac Miller was in the middle of making this album when he passed away but the multi-instrumentalist and producer John Brian connected the dots of what Mac Miller left behind and the album is great! Mac deviates from only hip hop and explores more of a singer songwriter approach to music. It is a varied album that shows how talented this rapper really was!

That was the list! What recent album would you recommend? Let us know!