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Musical Skills You Can Learn at Home

Learn, Grow, Create!

Let’s face it, for now we are still stuck at home, concerts and festivals are still cancelled and people look at you funny if you cough in public. It's out of our hands but the silver lining to it all is that you can put back some control in your life right now. Here are 3 skills that you can develop during your time at home that can improve your music appreciation or even get your music career going!


Audio Production


If you have an apple computer you can give GarageBand a try. It’s a fully equipped music studio that has a decent sound library, and it's pretty easy to pick up and learn. If you want to upgrade from that you should check out “Logic”. It's another music recording/beat making app that has more stuff than GarageBand (but is a tiny bit harder to learn). With those you can make your own music, process it, and master it!


If you need an example, Doja Cat used to use GarageBand and Logic, made her own music at home, and now she is a famous singer, rapper and songwriter. Check out one of her earlier hits “Mooo!” on youtube. She made the beat, recorded the sound in her bedroom and even shot the music video herself at home in front of a green screen!


We suggest trying to remake the sound of a song you like and then work from there as you develop your audio production skills.



Except for those individuals who are gifted from birth with the voice of an angel, singing can be a real challenge for anyone. Even if we have experience and confidence (alcohol induced singing, anyone?).


Getting the perfect pitch, timbre, and lyric annunciation while singing a song requires a whole other set of skills from audio production. It challenges the mental and the physical skills of one’s self. Now is a great time to sing to yourself while you're at home. 


Learning how to sing with confidence and musical accuracy is a great skill to have. If anything, knowing how to sing can help us understand how to write songs better or even make better beats!

Home Recording


This can get tricky but it actually doesn't take much to get started! There are different aspects of recording sound that can get complicated, but it can be boiled down to two things: the physical and the technical. If you have a cellphone with a decent microphone, you already have the technical aspect handled. To fix the physical, where you record, you need to find somewhere in your house that has decent acoustics. There’s a ton of information on both aspects online but to get started you really don’t need much!

What are you waiting for? Maybe you will be the next singer songwriter DJ producer that makes the sickest beats with the deepest lyrics.