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Musical Book Recommendations

Read your music!

As you might know, there are ways to appreciate music besides listening to it. Learning more about music, a genre, a band or even a single artist can help you understand and appreciate what was made or what those individuals created! Check out these recommendations on musical books you should check out!


How Music Works


That’s right, there’s one book that teaches you how music works. Mind you, it's a big book but don’t let that stop you! “How Music Works” explains so much about music in an interesting way. It goes through explaining how music is strongly reliant on context; where it's played, how it's recorded, and what was used to create it. The book even goes as far as trying to empower its readers to create their own music. This book is a strong recommendation if you want to know more about music, create music and even better yourself with music.

Rip it Up and Start Again


This book highlights post-punk era bands that were dedicated to fulfilling punk’s unfinished musical revolution. They experimented with electronics and machine rhythm or even adapting ideas from dub reggae and even disco. These bands were confident they could invent a new future for music and this book goes through their rise and fall. We recommend picking this book up and having a music streaming service at the ready so you can listen to the new bands and songs they mention in the book.

Amy Winehouse: The Biography


You want to know why Amy Winehouse went back to black and a lot of other interesting background info? This biography reveals a lot of things you probably didn’t know and reveals the musician in a new angle. We recommend the memoirs at the end of a career or after the musician died for the full story and autobiographies if you want to hear it from their side The most essential biographies in the music era are probably Bob Dylan’s chronicles, “Heavier than Heaven” about Kurt Cubain and probably every book about Elvis Presley. There’s so much to read, but don't we have the time now?

And there you have it! These recommendations went from everything about music to a lot of information on one musician. Are there any musical book recommendations that could or even should be on this list? Let us know!