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Podcasts with music

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Podcasts are the new thing and there are new ones every day!
But why should you listen to people talking about music? Well, the good ones are fascinating, tell you more of what's behind a song and want you to listen more!

There are a seemingly endless amount of Podcasts, so we tried to find the best ones in our awesome list:

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American musical podcasts

New York Times Popcast

The music critic Jon Caramanica of the New York Times mag covers what's hot, important and the new shit with a guest expert (or just a guest) and huge enthusiasm. Get educated about music in style - while folding laundry or just chilling on your balcony.


Questlove Supreme

The Roots Drummer Questlove and his Team supreme started a super popular podcast and describes it as "fun, irrelevant and educational". Guests like John Legend, Chris Rock or Michelle Obama loved that concept and joined as guests to chat about music.

Sound exploder 

Always wanted to know what's behind a certain song lyric? Then this is your podcast: Sound exploder invites artists like Metallica, Björk or Weezer who take their songs apart piece by piece and tell you how they came up with it and what's behind it. Super interesting!


Punch up the Jam 

Comedians rearrange famous songs and add their own and offer a "punched-up" improved version. Sounds like a hilarious concept, right? Tune in to hear classics from Duran Duran, Madonna or Santana in a completely new way!

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German and Dutch podcasts

Bleibsch daheim 

For our Stuttgart peeps the special "Stay Home" Podcast in German/Swabian. The hosts invites a new, interesting guest who tells them about their favorite songs and they play it & record a mixtape on their old school cassette recorder. A new kind of Podcast via IGTV!

Only listen to the full songs from this playlist here:


De Machine

Understand Dutch? Then "De Machine" is your podcast! This Netherlands-based podcast will take you into the world of music, festivals, streaming providers and even record labels. They are currently discussing how concerts at Paradiso will be with the 1,5 distance rule...