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Built by music

Find the music at the Jaz in the City hotels

Our Jaz in the City Hotels are built by music. It's not only in the name, you can hear, feel and see music everywhere - consciously and unconsciously when visiting our hotel. 


Right here you can feel the beat...

Boom boom boom, I want you in my room


One thing you notice in the rooms that a standard hotel room does not have: The large boom box for playing music. Easily connected with your mobile phone, tablet etc. a big beat comes out of the small box.


What is the soundtrack of your Jaz in the City stay?

No idea? On our website or in Stuttgart on the SuitePads you have your own Jaz radio, hand-selected by our Music Curator or otherwise just play a mix from our MixCloud account!

Stuttgart - our first love!


When you enter the lobby, you are already greeted by music - and there's more! In the Rhythms Bar & Kitchen the party goes on for a long weekend, the decoration already reveals everything: From vintage musical instruments to a jaz box lounge with pictures. Stuggi is the hip-hop stronghold, and some of the stars have already been there and signed our Wall of Fame hanging above the bar ...

Stuttgart is now not only a hip-hop city, it also hosts a famous jazz festival, whose artists' portraits have hung in our jaz box in recent years.

The stage is hard to miss - a big fat DJ desk and one of the best sound systems with a lot of boom… The restaurant has often become a dance floor before - in-tune but off-beat.

Tulips of Amsterdam


Maybe not surrounded by tulip fields, but our Jaz in the City Amsterdam is def surrounded by music. Or rather by music halls like the Ziggo Dome, right next door, where great stars like The Weekend or Billie Eilish appear, AFAS Live and of course the Johan Cruijff Arena. At the hotel, there is a stage for DJs and live artists in the Amsterdam's Rhythms Bar & Kitchen. Even if you go to the in-tune, bassline or off-beat room, it feels like rock'n'roll: The band positions are highlighted on the floor, there are lyrics on the shower walls and CDs as decoration on the walls of our suites. Don't stop the beat!

Don't stop the beat! 


You can hear the Jaz in the City sound even when you are not at our hotels.

How? Easy! Check out our latest Mixcloud remixes and live sessions via Instagram and Facebook and be the first to know about DJs and parties. Just follow us, stay up-to-date and soon there will be live performances in the hotel again!