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Amsterdam in Autumn

What to do when its Fall in Amsterdam?

There’s a ton of stuff you can do in Amsterdam. Since things are quite different this year, here’s a list of things you can still enjoy with minimum ‘rona.

  1. Enjoy the quiet canals. The summer has come and gone but the beautiful city remains. There’s a lack of rented canal boats, and visitors that don’t know how awesome the city is during fall so you can enjoy the amber leaves reflecting off of the water! It is truly a sight to enjoy. 

2. Go to the forest. Amsterdam is a city, yes, but did you know it had it’s very own forest? Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam forest) is a great place to take a walk in if you’re feeling like spending some time in nature. It should be no surprise that the trees there will also look magical!

3. Enjoy some Bokbier! This dark traditional beer is warming, filling and inebriating all at once. You can enjoy this beer with cold bonfires, fireplaces, traditional Dutch food and warm sweaters. If you head to a bar make sure to ask for some bokbier that they recommend.

4. Grab some Dutch apple pie. This warm, delicious, local treat will have you feeling warm in the season's chilly weather. You NEED to eat some apple pie. You can find it at almost any cafe in the season but we recommend getting a piece at Winkel 43 in De Jordaan. Do we need to say it again? Get.The.Apple.Pie.

5. Go visit a museum. Yes, they are still a thing and Amsterdam has plenty. You can visit the classics like the Rijksmuseum and the Amsterdam Museum but you need to head on over to the Nxt Museum which is dedicated to new media art. It's large scale, multi-sensory and will blow your mind! Just make sure to plan ahead if you want to visit any museum.

6. If you want to avoid the season and step into summer again, you need to pay a visit to Hortus Botanicus. These botanical gardens in Amsterdam East house, you guessed it, plants. You can totally pretend you’re in a jungle, a desert or even dream about warmer times. If you want to try something a bit different there’s also the Botanischetuin Zuidas in Amsterdam South. Make sure to check their respective websites to see if there are any restrictions on visitors.

7. Eat dinner in Rhythms Bar & Kitchen! We change our menu every season and one of the chefs’ favourite seasons is Autumn! Grab a mouth watering bite at our restaurant if you want to experience international flavors with local style and food.

There you have it! Is there anything you like doing in Amsterdam during Autumn? Let us know. Better yet, let us know in person when you visit!