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Wake Up at Jaz Amsterdam

A good way to start the day!

Did you ever need to be somewhere important? Was there an important concert or show you really couldn’t miss? Did you ever turn off the alarm on your phone WHILE you were asleep? Do you lack faith in your subconscious self to not sabotage your day? Then hotel wake-up calls are for you!


“Why in the wonderful world of whimsical weirdness would I want a wakeup call?” you say in rhythmic skepticism because phones have alarms and most people have phones and phones are smart these days. Well, wait a peachy second, sit your beautiful self down and we'll lay pass onto you some wise words of the woke. *insert angelic choir here*

Scenario! Let’s say you just traveled to Jaz in the City Amsterdam. You’re tired, jet lagged and you just want to sleep. The sweet escape of slumber awaits you in your hotel room. You and the bed are going to be one. Souls and sheets intertwined like vines in a sleepy jungle dreamland. But before you get your power nap on you cunningly let us know you need to wake up in time for a concert in the Ziggo Dome. Something your future self will thank you for.

The moral of the story? Better be safe than sorry. Don't miss your favorite artist's concert. Don't miss that flight you absolutely have to take in the early morning. Don't be super late for your significant others birthday (as a matter of fact, don't be late at all for that one). Be on time to all important things you just can't miss: Have a wake-up call.

Was the scenario dramatic? Maybe a little, but was it reasonable? We certainly think so! SO with that said, you should check out our wake-up call video! It's a fun take on the wake-up call service we provide. Even though we can't guarantee DJ's, crowds and smoothies during your wake-up call, we can for sure provide one. Meaning, book your very own wake-up call now (with your room), thank us later and stay tuned for the next epic wake-up call, Stuttgart style! It'll definitely be a good start to your day. ;)


Watch the video here