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Vibrantly Vinyl

Let's bring old school back!

You might be asking yourself, “how?” or even “why?”. Prepare to be educated in the revitalized vinyl record. 


So yeah, vinyl records. What are they, and how do they do what they do? Very simply put, the records themselves are made of polyvinyl chloride. Had to get nerdy on you there but now you know where the name “Vinyl” comes from. You’re welcome. Patterns representing songs are pressed into the records.


Devices used to play them are called record players (woah, much creativity, such wow) and they turn the patterns made in the vinyl record into noise with a cool little needle. To keep it short, the needle vibrates and vibrations are turned into sound. MAGIC! (Sorry, we are are trying to calm down but we like magic and music. Magical music! *jaw drops*)

Now, why would anyone bother to listen to a spinning plastic disc being played by a vibrating magic needle? Good question nameless reader! When a record is made, there is very little loss in sound quality (saying this extremely simple). If you compare that to an mp3 audio file, which loses a lot of data to make a convenient small file, there is so much more to hear!

Nowadays it's not completely right to say that vinyl is better than more modern listening formats, but it offers some advantages to the listening experience.

  • There is a limit to how loud a song can be recorded. So the songs have depth.

  • Listening to a record is a relaxing ritual filled with intent.

  • There are not too many songs on the record. Quality over quantity.

  • As mentioned before, the songs recorded on the vinyls are next to lossless in quality.

As long as you have a decent record player and some sweet speakers (or headphones) you can and should enjoy the sound experience of the the vibrantly vinyl record. Check out this video we made about the record player we have in one of the Jaz Amsterdam conference rooms. It gives whoever books our boardroom a chance to have a groovy break or even play some old school tunes in the background.


Watch the video here