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Rhythms Beer

What has alcohol and can drink anytime of year?

Beer! It's a wonderful drink for adults that like something a little bitter in their lives. It's the reason some people feel invincible at times. It's especially something that goes really well with grilled food for some reason.


We aren't here to talk about any beer though. We're here to highlight the Rhythms Beer we have at Jaz in the City Amsterdam. Now, for those who don't know, not all beer is the same. 

Getting back to basics, there are two different types of beer: ale and lager. From those categories stem a fun amount of subdivisions: brown ale, pale lager, pale ale, weißbier and even more. They can all be described with different elements of ‘beer style’: appearance, aroma, flavour, ‘mouthfeel’ (we find that’s a weird one but it's a thing), strength and more.

Our Rhythms Beer happens to be a saison. Saison literally means season in French. Quick history lesson! Saison was brewed on farms in the slower seasons around summer. So saison beer is a seasonal beer basically made for summertime. If you want to drink it any other time of the year, you can pair it with your meal. What ever it may be!

What makes our beer different is its “spiciness”. It won't burn your tongue when you drink it, but you'll come into contact with a healthy amount of flavour! When you visit Jaz in the City Amsterdam make sure to ask for the Rhythms Beer. It has a white and orange label and is inspired by music!