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Platypus Records

Looking for a good place for music?

We like to experience music in its various forms. Yes, that’s right. Even though you hear music via your ears you can experience it in different ways. One of our favourite ways is to get our analog sound experience from vinyl records.


A cool place we can recommend to pick up some stellar records is Platypus Records. This tiny record shop is packed with a cool pile of vinyl records and good vibes. When it comes to the traditional record store, they change things up. Kind of like a platypus. Not scientific, but somehow relatable.

How are they different?

Scenario: You walk into the shop, take a look around and you see that they indeed have records. But wait, there's more. You notice there's several record players in the shop, perfect for trying out records. You look through some of their selection and they even have a record from Sesame Street. Upon closer inspection you see a note on it saying, “Funk”. Funk in a Sesame Street record? Epic. Platypus Records, knows their music. They label their records just in case you are a DJ or producer that is looking for a certain sound for your samples. If you are more of the listening only type, they can recommend music that you never heard before but are into. 

When you're in Amsterdam, make sure to visit this place. They are open from 12:00 until 20:00 so you can even check them out later in the day after visiting some of the city's hotspots. It's definitely worth a moment to check out. Take in the old school vibes and appreciate the analog sounds.

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