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Proud Winner of the Dutch Hotel Award 2019s

We did it!

Jaz in the City Amsterdam won the Dutch Hotel Award and here is a semi-dramatic summary of events.

First off, let’s explain what the Dutch Hotel Award is: This award has been around for more than 15 years and yes, it’s a big deal. The Dutch Hotel Award organization aims to positively influence the creativity and professionalism of the hotel industry, crazy stuff. The good kind of crazy.


Jaz in the City Amsterdam team and its crew made it to the finals with two other hotels. 

On the day of the finals, the Dutch Hotel Award jury rolled up on location with curious eyes and ears. Little did they know, that Jaz was ready for them!

The jury was given a tour in magical and musical detail. With the theme being “The success of tomorrow”, everyone in the hotel was part of the presentation. Managers, supervisors, staff, and even interns! We made sure that there was no stone unturned and spoke about all the different aspects of the hotel; the music influences, the cuisine, and we even had a pillow fight with the judges!

To really drive the experience home, the tour was topped off with a small show in the Ziggo Dome. The Dutch Hotel Award jury gave every participating hotel an assignment and this year it was about getting out of your comfort zone. The management team went out of their way to show how out of their comfort zone they were willing to go. The team went to a music school to learn how to play in a band, but the catch was they only had 4 hours to do it!

After a week of nervous waiting, pacing back & forth, and table flipping, the winners were announced. Lo and behold, Jaz Amsterdam won! You can see the announcement video here (in Dutch). 

We are more than proud to be winners of the Dutch Hotel Award! Let us know if you’re proud with a high five, an obvious wink or even an acknowledging nod.

If you'd like to read more about the Dutch Hotel Award then check out this article that was published on Misset Horeca (in Dutch).