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DJ Rishi Romero: The Eclectic

Have you heard about this eclectic Amsterdam born DJ?

So who's DJ Rishi Romero? He's a DJ that has been doing his thing for around 20 years. His sounds are  a mix of Latin beats, hiphop vibes and Dutch influences. That doesn't mean he only spins that type of music though. DJ Rishi dips his toes in all types of sound to make sure he sticks to his worldly eclectic style.


Rishi also happens to be a producer and throughout the years he was able to work with Steve Aoki and record labels like Spinnin Records! So why is he featured on our blog? He's one of the many DJ's that spin at our Rhythms Bar & Kitchen in Amsterdam and sometimes in Stuttgart! To get a better feel of his music, you should listen to his mixes over on Soundcloud.

We're proud to say that DJ Rish hit the number 1 spot in the Latin House category with his Jaz in the City Live Series mix on Mixcloud. The mix features the latest sounds from South America, so you should connect to a speaker and check out the mix here!


If you haven't as of yet, take a look at our video if you want to know more about this eclectic DJ!