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The Yard Bird

The story

When we opened the doors of Jaz Amsterdam, we also opened the doors of the very first Rhythms Bar&Kitchen. A hip restaurant and bar in Amsterdam specialized in farm fresh food combined with the best local drinks. Beer maker after beer maker came in with all their wonderful products and we tasted them all (it’s a hard knock life). By hearing all these special craftsman talking passionately about their products lighted a spark.

After some planning, brainstorming and tasting we can proudly say: Rhythms Bar&Kitchen nows has its very own beer.

article Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - The Yard Bird
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - The Yard Bird

The taste


At Rhythms Bar&Kitchen we love to work with the seasons and ingredients that suit the time of the year best. Luckily Brewery Berging, with whom we created the Yard Bird, feels the same way. On the day of the tasting they came up with a selection of beers to try. Of course we already had the summer in mind, and when tasting the fresh wheat beer with some hints of orange we were sold. The Yard Bird is a refreshing beer for the (hopefully still to come) summer days.

Why is it called the Yard Bird you say? Well, we will tell you.


Our beers are always inspired by great artists. And as The Yard Bird is our first beer, we got inspired by artists at the early stages of their careers. The Yardbirds were a group formed by three young artists: Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck who all grew into top guitarists of the music history. But it doesn’t end there. Charlie Parker, one of the prime Jazz musicians, was nicknamed Yardbird. And guess what, he acquired this nickname early in the start of his career. So please let us hope that our beer The Yard Bird will be the start of many great things. But first of all the start of a great experience. For you.

Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - The Yard Bird
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - The Yard Bird

Where to get it?


Exclusively at Rhythms Bar&Kitchen for only €5 and while they last. For your love…

P.S. Stay tuned for an exciting look behind the scenes at the brewery that makes our Yard Bird.