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Ready to celebrate Summer in Amsterdam?

Does live music, happy vibes and a unique location seem like a decent mix to you?


To us it does! We think that festivals are one of the best ways to celebrate the summer vibes. For those music lovers among you that don’t like camping: don’t worry - you don’t have to! There are plenty of festivals right on your doorstep. Some of them just for a day, others go on for many more days.

article Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Festival

Amsterdam as the festival capital of Europe


Amsterdam is already known as the 'gay capital’. And that is true indeed, but it goes hand in hand with the act of celebrating life - something that Amsterdammers seem to know too well about. In fact, the city of Amsterdam considers itself as the festival capital of Europe. With its more than 300 festivals per year it has all reasons to do so. Many visitors from all over Europe (and beyond) are attracted to our festivals and travel here just to experience that. It’s not only the visitors that bring the international spirit to Amsterdam - most festivals offer a line-up with both, local and international acts.

Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Festival
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Festival

The evolution of festivals in Amsterdam


While big music festivals used to be a trend, more and more small individual festivals have popped-up in the city over the past years. Small, alternative festivals have become a huge success and the definition of festivals has changed to a much broader one. A festival is not just a festival anymore: it can be anything from coffee, film, food – any topics that interests our citizens.

Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Festival Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Festival Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Festival Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Festival