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Night @ the Museum

Amsterdam can easily be called “rich” when talking about big and famous museums. The Rijksmuseum, The van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk are within walking distance of each other.

Are these museum worth the visit? Of course! But we can imagine that at one point you want something else. Or maybe it is not your first time in Amsterdam and you have already been to let’s say the Anne Frank House. What to visit next? No problem – Team Jaz Amsterdam to the rescue.

article Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Museum Night
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Cat Cabinet

Cat Cabinet


#catsofinstagram is one of the biggest hashtags out there and being called a “cat lady” isn’t a a bad thing anymore. People are mad about their cats and so is John.


In Amsterdam you can find a museum called the Cat Cabinet. This museum was founded by John Pierpont Morgan, in memory of his tomcat. The collection is based around the role of cats in art and culture throughout history. Fun fact: this canal house is used in the film Ocean’s Twelve and the building is a true treat.

Cat Cabinet, Herengracht 497

Electric Ladyland


The world’s first museum of fluorescent art! Electric Ladyland is a tiny museum for all things Fluor. The owner (with always a smile on his face) has a passion for rocks and natural occurring fluorescent minerals and displays a collection of these minerals and fluorescent artwork. Best thing: the large fluorescent environment where visitors can temporarily become part of the art.


Electric Ladyland, Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 5

Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Electric Ladyland Museum
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Vrolik Museum

Vrolik Museum


How we would describe Vorlik Museum in two words? Fascinatingly macabre.


Home to an extraordinary collection of human body parts accrued by medical professor Gerardus Vrolik in the 19th century. This collection contains conserved anatomical specimens, skulls and even a Siamese twin and cyclopean baby.



Vrolik Museum, Meibergdreef 9