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Take me home: Local Goods from Amsterdam

Sure, Amsterdam is well prepared for its many visitors and tourists. Especially the street from the central station into centre is packed with tourist shops. You can get all kinds of weed accesorize, 'I love Amsterdam' t-shirts and fridge magnets looking like the typical tiny dutch houses.
But, is that really something that refers to the city? Would locals buy those things?
We don’t know, but besides those typical souvenirs there are many other cool options out there! Real local products. Products that are made by locals and actually consumed by locals.
Here are some ideas for you to for authentic souvenirs that you surely wont get anywhere else.

article Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Take me home
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Pindakaas

Pindakaas - the Dutchies just love their peanut butter!

Pindakaas is the dutch word for peanut butter, translated word for word it means 'peanut cheese'. And the dutch people love it! You will find out soon enough that they eat it whenever they can… never mind if it’s on a Broodje or served as a sauce. That explains why the first peanut butter store (worldwide!) was opened in Amsterdam. De Pindakaaswinkel is a store that provides - next to classic peanut butter - a bunch of fancy flavours adding ingredients such as dates, coconut or chili.

Where to get it? You can either check out the store or order it online.

How to get there: It takes about 25 minutes if you take the metro and tram.

Granola for Gangsters - Coolness in a bowl

Homemade Granola from Amsterdam. Sarah Napier is the founder and owner of Granola for Gangsters. It comes in fancy flavors such as fig, walnut and vanilla or date, orange and cardamon (gluten-free). The granola gets prepared in Amsterdam’s Kitchen Republic, a network and work space for local chefs and food lovers.

Where to get it? For example, in the Local Goods store, Café TOKI or via the online shop.

How to get there: About 15 minutes by bus to the Local Goods store and approximately 30 minutes to Café Toki.

Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Granola
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate - affordable designer glasses from Amsterdam

Ace & Tate has become a well-known shop for stylish glasses. The unique concept of the store shortens the retail journey of glasses and therefore cuts costs down to a minimum. That allows the store to provide individual designed glasses for affordable prices. The design studio is in Amsterdam, but stores can also be found in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Berlin.

Where to get it? In one of their stores or online.

How to get there: About 15 minutes when taking the metro.

Stadshout - Cutting boards made from citywood

Stadshout is a foundation that helps to up-cycle the trees that have been cut down in the city. The idea behind that concept is to reuse wood from Amsterdam instead of importing it from far-away countries. Stadshout has many different community projects throughout the city, but they also make things such as cutting boards or benches.

Where to get it? You can check out their store in De Pijp or visit their online shop.

How to get there: About 25 minutes when taking the metro.

Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Cutting Boards
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Journal

A City Made By People Journal - an Amsterdam-based magazine

An Amsterdam based Magazine that has a wide network of cities worldwide: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Madrid, Minneapolis and Bucharest. Starting as an online magazine, A City Made By People has developed into a print journal and an organizer for local speaker events.

Where to get it? You can either buy it at the Athaneum bookstore, The American Book Center or simply order it through the online shop.

How to get there: Both bookstores are about 30 minutes by public transport.