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Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 x Jaz Amsterdam

And those who were seen dancing

Where thought to be insane

By those who could not hear the music

F. Nietzsche

article Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam Dance Event
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam Dance Event

A brief introduction


ADE: A yearly event in Amsterdam where for 5 days the whole city turns into the biggest dance event of the world. 450 events and 2200 artists spread over 140 clubs and venues.


Jaz Amsterdam turns Jaz Amsterdam Dance Event


On the 19th of October Amsterdam altered into a dance music lover’s paradise when the Amsterdam Dance Event came into town. The minute ADE transformed the city of Amsterdam, Jaz Amsterdam transformed into the Jaz Amsterdam Dance Event hotel. Banners, posters, flyers and ADE-lights could be found everywhere, but more important: music everywhere!

God is a DJ


At Jaz Amsterdam we don’t only offer hotel rooms. We offer an experience. As almost all of our guest visited Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Dance Event we had a mission to make this ADE-experience even better than they hoped for. The ingredients to make this happen? A 24 hour menu in the restaurant, 10 parties in the hotel which were free to visit for hotel guest, a breakfast-in-bed-bag so people could sleep in and on Sunday three of the biggest DJ’s in the hotel. Sounds like a killer party right?

Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam Dance Event
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Amsterdam Dance Event - Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki Jumps


We truly had some great evenings at Jaz Amsterdam this ADE. A diver’s range of artist took the stage. From afro-house on the Thursday, some upcoming talent on Friday and the showcase of the best Pure Trance had to offer on Saturday. But Sunday was a special day.


Soundcheckers, a television show in the Netherlands, transformed our breakfast area into a television show stage and ready for 3 of the biggest names in the DJ-world. The multi-talented Jonas Blue visited our hotel for a QA, play a game and of course for some music. Dutch talent DANNIC (Nr. 70 of the DJ MAG top 100!) was next up to show his talent and humor.


But the first guest was a DJ everybody loves and looks up to. After an intense morning everybody was ready for the one and only STEVE AOKI! Steve, next to giving an interview, received some presents, did the Aoki jump and caked someone in the studio. An awesome and big ending of an awesome and big week for the Jaz Amsterdam.


ADE see you next year!