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Dutch Courage

How do you drink it?

Genever (jenever in Dutch) is Holland’s national spirit, and an absolute ‘must-drink’ when visiting Amsterdam. This spirit packed with history, tradition, diversity and flavor was once known as ‘Dutch Courage’ and often referred to as Dutch gin. 

article Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Dutch Courage
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Dutch Courage

Some history

Around 1664 genever became popular internationally as the English Navy was fighting the Dutch at sea. The English discovered the Dutch tradition of taking a shot of genever before going to battle, hence the nickname ‘Dutch Courage’.


Your order: a kopstoot (head butt)


An ice-cold jonge jenever poured in a tulip glass next to a fresh draft beer. Slurp the jenever in front of the bar and drink the rest of the glass in one go. Wash down the genever with the beer. But next to the traditional way genever is perfect in cocktails. Don’t believe us?


Come try it yourself in our bar Rhythms Bar&Kitchen. Cheers!