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City Farming

in Amsterdam

If you’ve grown up somewhere on the countryside you probably have no idea how it would have been growing up in a city. However, you probably don’t connect it with any farms, cows or gardening projects.


You might be wrong - urban farming has become a trend in concrete jungles. Even though you might not call Amsterdam that,  but it’s still is a big city and it’s urban farming scene has grown the past years. 


What is city farming?


City farming -also called Urban Farming- is the term used for growing fruits, vegetables or raising animals within a city. Therefore it appears many different forms - a vegetable garden can be considered urban farming as well as a petting zoo or herb garden.


It has many advantages. Those range from the quality of food e.g. when a chef grows his own vegetables to remain a high standard of food. Environmental friendly cause it minimizes the transportation costs for vegetable and fruits.


And, last but not least, it educates. Not only grown-ups but also children. That way they get to see and learn about different plants, animals and farming culture. 

Where and how to find it in Amsterdam?


Don’t worry, there are a lot of places! The best way to find them is probably through the interactive map that has been created by The City of Amsterdam.


The community is growing: an organization called Beeinc helps to get more bees onto the roofs of Amsterdam. Farming the City helps to educate about city farming and organizes different kinds of events. There is also a bunch of petting zoos spread throughout the city that you can visit. 30 walking minutes away from Jaz Hotel, you find the Zuidpark, a huge rooftop farming project.


As you can tell, there is plenty of options to witness urban farming in Amsterdam - let’s hope for even more to come!