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One Day in Amsterdam...

We are interviewing the members of our Jaz Band Amsterdam and are asking them all the same questions. Let's kick it off with Floris - our stage manager.

article Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Floris
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Beer

1. Okay, close your eyes. Imagine you have just landed in Amsterdam. What is the first thing you would do?

To make it a bit easier to answer this question I will act like I have landed in Amsterdam in the evening. Real close to my home there is a local brewery called Brouwerij Troost. Their beers are almost as good as the one we have in our Rhythms Bar & Kitchen (haha) but it is a bit closer to my house. A nice cold Dutch local beer is always rewarding after a long journey.

2. Sounds cool. But after that you must be hungry. What and where would be your first meal of the day?

My girlfriend and I love Vietnamese food. Near the Red-light district, a place I normally avoid, you can find Little Saigon. Their Pho Nam is to die for.


3. What was your best dinner experience in Amsterdam and what made it so special?

In the center of Amsterdam you can find Lion Noir. A while ago when summer was just starting I had one of those magical days. Temperature was just right to sit outside, so the courtyard of restaurant Lion Noir was filled to the brim. Just as we wanted to leave (a bit disappointed) a couple left and we got the best table of the courtyard! Our initial plan was a quick bite but the spot was so great it turned in a 5-course dinner. Food was great, service was awesome and that night I fell in love a little bit more with my girlfriend and the city of Amsterdam.

Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - Pho Nam
Jaz Hotel Amsterdam - CBK Zuidoost

4. You are a local and you do local things in Amsterdam. What is your best insider tip you would like to share with the guests of Jaz Amsterdam?

First of all, just avoid all the usual suspects. Or at least spend a big part of your time avoiding them. A true local thing to do is CBK Zuidoost, a new museum in the neighborhood of the hotel. They offer a real cool experience. To top off your local day you should eat at World of Food, also close to the hotel, where all nationalities of Amsterdam Zuidoost serve food from their home countries.

5. At Jaz Amsterdam, all employees like to have some fun. What would be your perfect night out in Amsterdam?

Since a year and half I'm working for Jaz Amsterdam in the southeast of the city. Before I didn’t go to that many concerts but nowadays I visit them more often. It is even so that a concert at the Ziggo Dome became one of my favorite things to do. The vibe and sound there are just great. So my perfect night out would be a burger and a Rhythms beer at Rhythms Bar & Kitchen. After a good meal take the 5 meter walk to the Ziggo Dome and enjoy a great concert. And if you have some energy left, I like to go to Bourbon Street for some more live music and beers. Cheers!

Rhythms Bar & Kitchen - Jaz Hotel Amsterdam