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Beats and melodies set the tone of your stay at Jaz in the City. Whether it be on stage, on the sound system, in the rooms or at the bar with a sun-downer in hand: We create a soundscape that goes straight from your ears to your heart. Guests take it home with them as a souvenir, and they’ll want to keep listening over and over again. The soundtrack has a life of its own. Jaz in the City goes beyond both the borders of genre and the definition of cool. At our hotels, you’ll hear what the streets of the future will sound like – urban, full of atmosphere and with a touch of revolution at the core.

Locals and visitors

in a unique new

hotel concept

Jaz in the City brings together locals and visitors in a unique new hotel concept. With a location right next-door to the city’s hotspots, a stay at the hotel is like visiting old friends – the kind of friends who are clued in to what's really going on.

Music, art, culture and good food just need the right stage – and Jaz in the City has exactly that. Spontaneous performances and new showcases happen every day, right where the local scene is going down. And staying at the Jaz means you're always right at the heart of it.

Set the mood: As band members themselves, every team member brings their own music tastes to the workplace – and that gives the soundtrack at every Jaz in the City hotel its very own rhythm and groove.

The modern, clean design of the rooms is infused with the local Zeitgeist, without getting lost in travel guide clichés. Jaz in the City is a seismograph for what’s hip and for everything that goes beyond the limits of everyday life. And spontaneity is a key part of that.



of the

big city

Jaz in the City blurs the boundaries between hotel and neighbourhood, street and style. That’s how the unique symphony of the big city comes to life.




Our sound concept is designed to match the time of day and the hotel's location. From energetic electro grooves to chilled-out, down-tempo beats, our DJ sets underscore the mood of the architecture, the city and our guests. We love an up-tempo mood, smooth and positive – just like you.

The best music is always made when the musicians themselves call the tunes: Jaz in the City offers unobtrusive, smart service. The team works behind the scenes in a carefully planned rhythm, while guests can improvise and find unconventional solutions and playful solutions for what they’d like to do.